Gymtherapy is a person centred service, meaning that service users are at the heart of every decision. Take a peek at what service users themselves have to say about their unique Gymtherapy experiences....

From Professionals

Gymtherapy enables young people to be empowered in a person centred way and I have observed participants to be clearly engaged with the activities. The innovative approach combines direct support such as working with anger and anti-bullying with light exercise and movement. Gymtherapy is for everyone applying principles of social inclusion, social justice and equality to enable all young people to participate with the aim of achieving better outcomes in life

Adrian Braithwaite Lecturer & Registered Social Worker, PGCE-CBT

Gymtherapy provides children and young people with the opportunity to learn, explore their feelings and make friends in a safe environment. Not only is this an invaluble experience for the child and young people who attend

Social Worker

Rebekah is a regular contributor to our Practice Skills training for social work students.  She provides theoretically informed sessions which underline the benefit of gym therapy for children and young people.  Often, students have not previously considered the ways in which children and young people’s embodied selves are so fundamentally connected to their health and well-being and their expressions of physical and psychological distress. These sessions enable students to consider these issues and their new insights can be taken confidently into professional practice.

Dr Liz Price, University of Hull

The session was amazing - it was really engaging and active, which is just what these young people need.A lot of them...don't have the capacity to sit still and focus for long periods of time, and so engaging them in hands-on activities is key. I felt like they connected well with the themes (especially around emotional and physical boundaries), which a lot of the time don't get spoken about at home.

Youth Worker, Young Hackney

I thought it was brilliant... it was very good how you managed to keep the children engaged...young people don't always learn about personal space and managing their anger...something that's gonna be key in life

Sports Coordinator, Providence House

There were so many great techniques introduced around anger expression...I don't think many young people would know to do that, they'd count from 10-1, maybe find a space, but using sports/music is a good alternative..It should hopefully allow them to associate calming down with every day activities...everyone should  try it, it seems like something that adults would benefit from too' 'I think the techniques were really good, the language was also engaging and they understood it. It was very active and looked really fun

Children and Families Support Worker, Providence House

From Users

The session helped me feel good about myself and it showed me how relaxing it can be. I really liked gym therapy because it was fun and educational to share good vibes and feelings

Child, 12

I think that Gymtherapy was a nice chance to communicate and express how we feel. Everybody has an opinion, nobody has to be in charge and nobody has to feel left out. You have to work as a team.

Child, 11

I thought that it was really educational...I learnt that when I'm mad, I can express my feelings in different ways

Child, 10

I think it was fun because we did lots of stuff to calm ourselves down, and even if we're not here, we can remember them to calm ourselves down in the future

Child, 9

It was very good and fun, I learnt that you can tell someone to get away when they're in your personal space

Child, 6

It was fun and exciting...I learnt that if someone's too close near your personal space bubble then you can ask them politely can you move over please

Child, 7