Gymtherapy is a programme which equips children and young people with knowledge in the areas of safeguarding, emotional resilience and mental health through the medium of creative movement. Adopting a preventative approach, sessions aim to educate children to take responsibility for their own physical and emotional wellbeing in a nurturing and supportive environment.



Gymtherapy is a preventative, early intervention programme. Our sessions are designed to equip children and young people with social-emotional knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to reduce risk of abuse and poor relationships with both the self and others.





Holistic, early-intervention programmes aimed at increasing:

- Emotional Wellbeing

- Social Skills

- Safeguarding Knowledge



Bespoke training courses informed by legislation, theory and research. Training around delivering Gymtherapy in registered schools and organisations.



Information around promoting safeguarding at home, particularly around how to ensure children are aware of physical and emotional boundaries.

Gymtherapy enables young people to be empowered in a person centred way and I have observed participants to be clearly engaged with the activities. The innovative approach combines direct support such as working with anger and anti-bullying with light exercise and movement.

Adrian Braithwaite Lecturer & Registered Social Worker, PGCE-CBT



Gymtherapy provides theoretically informed sessions which underline the benefit [...] for children and young people.  Often, students have not previously considered the ways in which children and young people’s embodied selves are so fundamentally connected to their health and well-being and their expressions of physical and psychological distress. These sessions enable students to consider these issues and their new insights can be taken confidently into professional practice.

Dr Liz Price, University of Hull


"The session helped me feel good about myself and it showed me how relaxing it can be. I really liked gym therapy because it was fun and educational to share good vibes and feelings"

(Child, 12 years old)



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This highly practical resource introduces the concept of ‘Gymtherapy’; a pioneering approach to working with children that uses movement as a means of promoting emotional wellbeing. Gymtherapy brings together the physical and emotional benefits of activity alongside the importance of safeguarding and supporting children, particularly those who are socio-economically deprived or emotionally vulnerable.
Written in an accessible and vibrant style, Gymtherapy provides a full programme of lesson plans, structured across five key areas: Identity and Self Esteem, Mindfulness, Anger Expression, Protective Behaviour and Gender Stereotypes. Each lesson plan is based on accessible, tried and tested strategies, and outlines learning objectives, equipment needed and step-by-step instructions for facilitating practical activities. The chapters are illustrated with engaging real-life examples, case studies, survivor stories and tips, while at the same time linking practice to the underpinning social theory.
Gymtherapy is an invaluable guide for teachers, social workers, school leaders and anyone with an interest in providing for the welfare and wellbeing of the children they work with.


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